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Acetic acid applied to the hindlimb of a frog evokes a vigorous wiping of the exposed skin. The aim of this study was to determine if acetic acid evokes this wiping response by decreasing subepidermal pH. Because acetic acid is hyperosmolar, a second aim was to determine if the osmolarity of acetic acid contributed to evoking the wiping response. In(More)
Partial-volume artifacts reduce vessel contrast and continuity (especially in small vessels) in magnetic resonance (MR) angiography. The authors applied zero-filled (band-limited) interpolation to three-dimensional (3D) MR angiograms to reduce partial-volume artifacts. They demonstrated that zero-filled interpolation can also be implemented by means of(More)
In this paper the problem of small structure visualization in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is considered. The relationship between the structure and the image intensities is defined in terms of the voxel sensitivity function (VSF). Using the VSF, the spatial dependence of the voxel signal for small spheres and cylinders is computed. Although the spatial(More)
We investigated mechanisms underlying nerve growth factor-mediated morphological differentiation and expression of cholinergic neuronal phenotype. In PC12, but not PC12nnr5 cells, nerve growth factor induces neurite-like outgrowths and enhances cholinergic phenotype; stable expression of TrkA receptors in nnr5 cells (called B5P cells) restores morphological(More)
NGF can regulate nitric oxide synthase (NOS) expression and nitric oxide (NO) can modulate NGF-mediated neurotrophic responses. To investigate the role of NO in NGF-activated expression of cholinergic phenotype, PC12 cells were treated with either the nonselective NOS inhibitor L-NAME (N (omega)-nitro-L-arginine methylester) or the inducible NOS selective(More)
Evidence for the glyoxylate cycle in the mammalian rat liver was sought. Activity of two unique glyoxylate cycle enzymes, isocitrate lyase and malate synthase, was found in rat liver homogenates. Vitamin D3 treatment of rachitic animals produced a five- and fourfold increase, respectively, in the activity of these enzymes. Vitamin D3 also increased the(More)
The perivertebral space is in the midline, in the deep tissues of the neck, and can be identified from the skull base above to the mediastinum below. It is a discrete space completely enclosed by the deep layer of deep cervical fascia. The fascial attachments of the perivertebral space divide it into two areas, the anterior prevertebral and posterior(More)
Hemolymph was collected from both normal (virgin) females (control hemolymph) and artificially inseminated females (experimental hemolymph) of Solenopsis, ssp., the imported fire ant (primarily S. invicta and S. geminata). When the control hemolymph was injected into normal females, breakdown of the thoracic flight musculature was not seen 24 hr(More)
The effect of the protease inhibitor leupeptin on flight muscle histolysis in queen fire ants was studied by electron microscopy. In untreated animals artificially inseminated, muscle involution was apparent at 6 hr post-insemination and complete by 24 hr post-insemination. However, in animals pre-treated with leupeptin and subsequently artificially(More)
Male albino rats were permanently cannulated bilaterally in the caudate/putamen nucleus and subsequently injected unilaterally with cyclic AMP or cyclic GMP. Both of these cyclic nucleotides failed to produce any obvious change in motor activity. The concomitant intrastriatal injection of carbachol and cyclic AMP resulted in enhancement of the(More)
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