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The upper reaches of Minjiang River-valley, located on the eastern edge of Qinghai–Tibet Plain, is characterized by the complex distribution of hills and valleys. It is a typical and key mountainous region with apparent upland ecosystem vulnerability and sensitivity according to National Eco-environmental Renovating Scheme of china. In order to analyze(More)
With the development of society and economy, the rapid urban sprawl in land use is being witnessed of late in urban districts. As a result, many problems in society and environment have appeared in urban districts, such as population expansion, air pollution, etc. Assessment and inventory on urban sprawl is essential for city planning and sustainable(More)
The main objective of this paper is to develop an integrated Microsoft ASP.NET/JavaScript prototype for interactively building up virtual environments from existing geographical information system (GIS) databases that include Landsat images, spatial vector data and digital elevation map (DEM). This prototype takes advantage of both the ASP.NET and(More)
The large-scale and super-strength development of mineral resources in mining concentrated area in long term has made great contributions to Chinese economic construction and development, but it has caused serious damage to the ecological environment even ecological imbalance at the same time. In this study, according to the characteristics of mining(More)
s-This paper used RS and GIS techniques analyzed the landscape structure and changes in Cheng-Yu Economic Zone during its rapid urbanization and discussed the primary driving factors by means of canonical correlation method. And comes to these conclusions: (1) Considering the human disturbance and landscape anti-disturbance in landscape classification,(More)
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