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This paper presents development of a Wi-Fi smart plug which is able to switch on/off remotely electrical appliances connected. It also monitors their energy consumption. A web application is developed so that users may interface with the smart plug. A bi-stable (latching) relay is employed in the single phase in order to reach zero consumption of the relay(More)
This paper presents a case study of development of a 6-axis robotic arm controller. The robot is powered by a hydraulic pump. The position of each axis can be derived from its potentiometer voltage. At each and every axis, a servo-valve is employed to control a servo motor. Its relative velocity is related to the servo-valve input. With 2<sup>nd</sup> order(More)
This paper proposes a configuration of Building Energy Management System suitable for managing a group of small buildings, namely Small Buildings Energy Management System (SBEMS). Its communication is based on the IEEE1888 standard. The standard is modified such that the storage can be in the cloud. Data compression is also incorporated in order to reduce(More)
In the advanced metering infrastructure, there are many data communication standards. In this paper, a PC-based data concentrator unit employs the DLMS/COSEM standard with HDLC as the data-link layer over a physical GSM modem. Examples of data readings from DLMS smart meters are shown in IV. The readings include load profile, billing data and event log.
In this paper we introduce a monitoring system framework to enhance distribution transformer operation. The system is implemented on top of an embedded Linux board. Its communication conforms to the IEC61850 standard. The functionality of security network, IED configuration, database management and significant performances are all implemented. Moreover, the(More)
Repetitive Control (RC) is an application of internal model principle in control systems with periodic signal. RC can be easily tuned but very sensitive to noise or high error. However, PID control performs better in the presence of noise and high error but uneasily to fine tune. In this paper, a method to use advantages of PID and RC controller implemented(More)
An implementation of a Smart meter which has a feature of the advantages of IEEE1888 and 6LoWPAN, the integration of these protocols into Smart meter is of important significance in fulfilling its function as a Gateway in Building Energy Management Systems. The aim of this paper is to show the implementation of a smart meter which also functions as an(More)
A modified Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA) is proposed for real signals impinging upon an array. The algorithm solves the mix-up problem of CMA which occurs when real signals propagate through complex channels. Moreover, it decreases computational complexity and extends the maximum number of real sources which can be resolved by a given array. Simulations(More)
A novel method calculates deterministically the power-peak voltage of a photovoltaic (PV) panel. It requires only three measurements, which are the output current, terminal voltage and temperature of the PV. With low-computational complexity, this method can be implemented on 16-bit low-cost microcontrollers. Some simulations confirm the accuracy and(More)