Wanbin Ren

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Two-electrode configuration was developed for in situ electrical impedance detecting on diamond anvil cell under high pressure. The metal gasket was used as one electrode and the risk coming from electrical short between sample and interside wall of the gasket was eliminated. The configuration was evaluated and proved to be effective by measuring the(More)
By use of electrical field analysis method, the accuracy of electrical resistivity measurement with the van der Pauw method in a diamond anvil cell (DAC) was investigated for the situation that sample and gasket were electrically shorted. It is revealed that metal gasket could not be used in electrical measurement in DAC if the inside wall of the sample(More)
Dynamic welding, being the principal mechanism of sticking failure, correlates closely with the contact bounce of electromechanical relay. The typical waveforms of dynamic contact force and contact voltage at making and breaking process are obtained with the use of a new designed test rig. The variations in bounce time, bounce numbers, last bounce duration,(More)
There has been increasing demand to research the measuring method to characterize the batch consistency of contact rivets. An automated test equipment has been described that makes it possible to measure the electrical contact resistance with high efficiency. The relationship between contact force and contact resistance during the loading and unloading(More)