Wanan Yang

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—To improve the spatial resolution of low resolution image with Gaussian blur and Pepper & salt noise, a blind single-image super resolution reconstruction method is proposed. In the low resolution imaging model, the Gaussian blur, down-sampling, as well as Pepper & Salt noise are all considered. Firstly, the Pepper & Salt noise in the low resolution image(More)
Wireless capsule endoscope achieved great success, however, the maneuvering of wireless capsule endoscope is challenging at present. A magnetic driving instrument, including two bar magnets, a stepper motor, a motor driver, a motor controller, and a power supplier, was developed to generate rotational magnetic fields. Permanent magnet ring, magnetized as S(More)
To actively maneuver a robotic capsule for interactive diagnosis in the gastrointestinal tract, visualizing accurate position and orientation of the capsule when it moves in the gastrointestinal tract is essential. A possible method that encloses the circuits, batteries, imaging device, etc into the capsule looped by an axially magnetized permanent-magnet(More)
To control and drive a robotic capsule accurately from outside a patient's body, we present a schema in which the capsule enclosing the imaging device, circuits, batteries, etc is looped by a permanent magnet ring that acts as an actuator. A cuboidal permanent magnet situated outside the patient's body attracts or pushes the magnet ring from different(More)
A blind single-image super resolution method is proposed to enhance the spatial resolution of the image with defocus blur. Firstly, according to the low resolution imaging model, a framework of blind single-image super resolution reconstruction is presented. Secondly, utilizing Wiener filtering algorithm, the error-parameter curve of the defocus blurred(More)
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