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Accuracy-preserving and non-oscillatory shock-capturing technique is the bottle neck in the development of discontinuous Galerkin method. Inspired by the success of the k-exact WENO limiters for high order finite volume methods, this paper generalize the k-exact WENO limiter to discontinuous Galerkin methods. Also several improvements are put forward to(More)
Novel limiters based on the weighted average procedure are developed for finite volume methods solving multi-dimensional hyperbolic conservation laws on unstructured grids. The development of these limiters is inspired by the biased averaging procedure of Choi and Liu [10]. The remarkable features of the present limiters are the new biased functions and the(More)
High order limiters remain one of the main challenges for discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods in solving hyperbolic conservation laws. This paper proposes an efficient limiting procedure for the DG method. The key feature is to construct additional polynomials from the solutions on neighboring cells by means of secondary reconstruction. Then the limited(More)
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