Wan-yu Zhou

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OBJECTIVE To objectively evaluate the therapeutic effect and safety of Runmushu Oral Liquid (RMS) for the treatment of xerophthalmia in postmenopausal women. METHODS Seventy-two postmenopausal women (144 eyes) with xerophthalmia of aqueous tear deficiency type were assigned to two groups. Patients in the treated group were treated with RMS (consisted of(More)
BACKGROUND Central venous catheters (CVCs) are widely used for children with cancer and are a major risk factor for bloodstream infection. Early and specific diagnosis of CVC-associated bloodstream infection allows early targeted treatment, reducing the risk of CVC removal and avoiding the operative risks and trauma of reinsertion, but peripheral vein(More)
Dry eye is now one of the most common superficial disorders in ophthalmology at home and abroad, and more and more people attach importance to the study. The ideal approach for treatment of dry eye is to normalize the condition by rebuilding the superficial circumstance of the eye, and to make tear film work as well as possible so as to relieve the(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the differences of therapeutic effect in primary trigeminal neuralgia (PTN) of hyperactive of liver yang type treated by deep and shallow puncturing at Xiaguan (ST 7). METHODS Sixty-three cases of PTN of hyperactive of liver yang type were randomly divided into a deep puncturing group (32 cases) and a shallow puncturing group (31(More)
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