Wan-jun Peng

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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Carcinoma of nasal cavity is a rare disease without standard treatment. This study was designed to evaluate treatment outcome, and prognostic factors of patients with carcinoma of nasal cavity. METHODS Records of 98 patients with carcinoma of nasal cavity were reviewed,43 patients received radiotherapy alone, 55 patients received(More)
A total of 58 children with myelodysplasia underwent radiographic and cystometric evaluation and were followed periodically for an average of 58 months. Of this group 30 (52 per cent) demonstrated vesicoureteral reflux, including 16 with low grade and 14 with high grade reflux. In 6 children low grade vesicoureteral reflux resolved with prophylactic(More)
Thirteen male diabetic patients on immunosuppressive therapy following organ transplantation underwent implantation of 14 penile prostheses for treatment of organic impotence. Except for extended parenteral antibiotic therapy and increased steroid coverage postoperatively, the preoperative, perioperative and postoperative management in all 13 patients was(More)
A total of 57 patients with neuropathic or nonneuropathic detrusor areflexia was studied with the bethanechol supersensitivity test, electromyography of the urethral rhabdosphincter and bulbocavernosus reflex latency. The sensitivity of these tests in detecting neuropathic areflexia was 90, 87.5 and 78.1 per cent, respectively, and the specificity was 95.6,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the factors affecting prognosis of patients with nasal carcinoma. METHODS 163 patients treated from 1985 to 1998 were analyzed. The survival analysis was performed by Kaplan-Meier estimate and the comparison between groups by Log-rank test. Multivariate analysis was carried out by Cox proportional hazard model. RESULTS The overall(More)
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