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We report on a passively Q-switched photonic crystal fiber (PCF) laser with Cr(4+):YAG as a saturable absorber. Under a pump power of 14.2 W, the maximum pulse energy is up to 630 microJ with a pulse width of 36 ns at a repetition rate of 5.6 kHz. With an intracavity optical parametric oscillator, the passively Q-switched PCF laser is used to generate the(More)
We demonstrate an efficient, high-pulse-energy, passively Q-switched Yb-doped fiber laser with AlGaInAs quantum wells (QWs) as a saturable absorber. The AlGaInAs QW material is designed to provide a large modulation change and a quite-low nonsaturable loss. At an incident pump power of 7.6 W, an average output power of 3.8 W, pulse energy of 300 microJ,(More)
We report on a millijoule-level Yb-doped photonic crystal fiber (PCF) laser passively Q-switched with AlGaInAs quantum wells (QWs). Three types of AlGaInAs devices with different QW numbers are fabricated to investigate the performance. With 50 groups of three AlGaInAs QWs as a saturable absorber (SA), the PCF laser generates an average power of 7.1 W with(More)
We demonstrated a continuous-wave (CW) self-Raman laser with high conversion efficiency by using Yb:KGW as the Raman crystal. The first Stokes line of wavelength centered at 1095.2 nm with spectral bandwidth of 8 nm and the cascaded Raman conversion wavelength at 1109.5 nm with spectral bandwidth of 3.4 nm were observed with a Raman shift of 89 cm⁻¹ with(More)
We report on a high-power subpicosecond monolithic self-mode-locked Yb:KGW laser with the pulse repetition rate up to several tens of gigahertz. Experimental results reveal that not only the repetition rate but also the pulse width depend on the length of the laser crystal. Using a coated Yb:KGW crystal with a length of 3.36 mm, mode-locked pulses with(More)
A method was developed for the simultaneous determination of 19 phthalate esters (PAEs) at trace level in cosmetics by solid phase extraction (SPE) purification and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) detection. The PAEs were extracted from cosmetic samples by dichloromethane with ultrasonic-assisted technique, purified by an SPE column packed with(More)
We demonstrate comparative studies for Cr(4+):YAG crystal and AlGaInAs quantum-well (QW) used as a saturable absorbers in passively Q-switched Yb-doped fiber lasers. Both saturable absorbers were designed to be possessed of nearly the same initial transmission. Under a pump power of 24 W, the average output powers were up to 14.4 W and 13.8 W obtained with(More)
Sample pretreatment methods for the measurement of phthalate esters (PAEs) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) in various complex matrices, including sediment, soil, suspended particle matter, urban surface dust, Sinonovacula Constricta, cosmet- ic, leather, plastic and coastal/estuarine seawater, were proposed. The pretreatment which was(More)
The three-dimensional displacement of a structure may be measured by holographic interferometry and speckle interferometry. Under the general heading of holographic interferometry a number of distinct techniques are possible. These include the zero-fringe method, which uses three separate holographic plates, the fringe-localization method, and the(More)
We investigate the performance of a hybrid Q-switched (HQS) fiber laser that is constructed with a low RF-power driven acousto-optic (AO) Q-switch and an AlGaInAs semiconductor saturable absorber. Compared to a pure passively Q-switched (PQS) fiber laser, the ratio of timing jitter to pulse period can be significantly reduced from 2% to 0.3% in the regime(More)