Wan Zah Wan Ali

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This quasi-experimental study with non-equivalent control group post-test only design was conducted to investigate the effects of using graphing calculators in mathematics teaching and learning on Form Four Malaysian secondary school students' performance and their meta-cognitive awareness level. Graphing calculator strategy refers to the use of TI-83 Plus(More)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) represent some of the knowledge and reasoning of good one-to-one human tutors, and consequently are able to coach students in a more detailed way as compared to the Computer Assisted Instructions (CAI) packages. Canfield (2001) defines ITS as a system that is able to diagnose and adapt to student's knowledge and skills.(More)
Blended learning as " third generation " of distance learning has the potential to offer multimethod instruction through the blend, to leverage the strengths of current online and traditional instructions. Therefore, higher education institutions having recognized the fact that blended learning is beneficial, adopted this alternative approach as a new(More)
The models used in organic chemistry are usually rigid; it is difficult for students to rapidly transfer between the macroscopic, submicroscopic, and symbolic levels of thought. As a result, students' perceptions of these models are sometimes incorrect. In organic synthesis students should comprehend information about reactions and, simultaneously,(More)
In this experimental study, use of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) followed by use of an Intelligent Tutoring System (CAI+ITS) was compared to the use of CAI (CAI only) in tutoring students on the topic of Algebraic Expression. Two groups of students participated in the study. One group of 32 students studied algebraic expression in a CAI learning(More)
Given the importance of globalization as well as the need to train skilled and knowledgeable employees for the 21 st century workforce, higher education needs to take a more critical look at the educational practices and instructional methods which lead to improvements in students' essential skills such as self-directed learning. This study sought to(More)
For a number of years, there have been some concern the online learning, or e-learning, especially the need for online collaboration tools to assist the students in their learning processes. This paper investigates the need for online collaboration tools for distance learners, who currently understanding their studies in a public university in a hybrid(More)
Two series of quasi-experimental study with non-equivalent control group post-test only design were conducted to investigate the effects of using graphic calculators in mathematics teaching and learning specifically in the Straight Line topic, on Form Four(16 year-old) Malaysian secondary school students' conceptual and procedural knowledge performance and(More)
This study provides a glimpse into understanding the potential benefits as well as harm of playing video games from the perspective of six Malaysian secondary school students, aged 16-17 years old. The rationale of the study is to enable parents, educators, administrators and policy makers to develop a sound understanding on the impact of playing video(More)
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