Wan-Yu Chung

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Silver-containing dressings have been widely used for controlling wound infection. However, the relationship between different concentrations of silver in dressings and their antimicrobial activities and wound-healing efficacies remains unclear. In the present study, we (in cooperation with Bio-medical Carbon Technology) investigated various(More)
Various types of wound dressings have been designed for different purposes and functions. Controlling bacterial burden in a wound during the early phase is important for successful wound repair. Once bacterial burden is under control, the active promotion of wound healing is another important factor for efficient wound healing. This study investigated the(More)
Several reagents have been studied to overcome the problems encountered with antiseptic use, such as moderate cutaneous wound cytotoxicity and skin thinning. We successfully prepared a gelatin/chitosan/epigallocatechin gallate nanoparticle incorporated in a poly(γ-glutamic acid)/gelatin hydrogel, which comprised activated carbon fibers with gentamicin, to(More)
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