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Nonmarine Time-Stratigraphy in a Rift Setting: An Example from the Mid-Permian Lower Quanzijie Low-Order Cycle Bogda Mountains, NW China
Abstract Sedimentological and stratigraphic studies of seven stratigraphic sections of Permian Hongyanchi (HYC) and Quanzijie (QZJ) low-order cycles (LCs) in the Tarlong-Taodonggou half graben andExpand
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Quantitative Characterization of Connectivity and Conductivity of Sandstone Carriers during Secondary Petroleum Migration, Applied to the Third Member of Eocene Shahejie Formation, Dongying
Abstract Studies on migration pathways remain qualitative, albeit extensive quantification of migration forcing. In this study, hydrocarbon carriers are defined as carrier units and theirExpand
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Charred Wood of Prototaxoxylon From the Wuchiapingian Wutonggou Formation (Permian) of Dalongkou, Northern Bogda Mountains, Northwestern China
Abstract Charred wood occurs sporadically in sedimentary rocks in China. A marcroscopic charcoal with well-preserved anatomical structure is described from the Wuchiapiangian Wutonggou Formation inExpand
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Giant cordaitalean trees in early Permian riparian canopies in North China: Evidence from anatomically preserved trunks in Yangquan, Shanxi Province
Abstract Cordaitaleans, as close relatives of modern conifers, had a long geological history in the Cathaysia from the Visean (Mississippian, lower Carboniferous) to the end of Permian. They becameExpand
Sclerospiroxylon xinjiangensis nov. sp., a gymnospermous wood from the Kungurian (lower Permian) southern Bogda Mountains, northwestern China: Systematics and palaeoecology
Abstract A new silicified wood, Sclerospiroxylon xinjiangensis Wan, Yang et Wang nov. sp., is described from the Cisuralian (lower Permian) Hongyanchi Formation in southeast Tarlong section, TurpanExpand
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Amyelon bogdense sp. nov., a silicified gymnospermous root from the Changhsingian–Induan (?) in southern Bogda Mountains, northwestern China
Abstract A silicified root, Amyelon bogdense Wan, Yang et Wang sp. nov., is described from the Changhsingian–Induan (?) Guodikeng Formation in south Taodonggou section, Turpan, Xinjiang UygurExpand
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Research on the Transmission Characteristics of FitzHugh-Nagumo Neuron
The transmission characteristics of a FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) model neuron influenced by Gaussian white noise is studied in this work. With a sinusoidal stimulus as input, based on the time-domainExpand