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Patterns of leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry among Quercus acutissima provenances across China
There were significant differences in leaf N and P concentrations as well as in N:P ratios among 31 Quercus acutissima provenances, and a lower variation in leaf stoichiometry within the species when environmental influence was exclude in a common garden. Expand
Identification of Genes Putatively Involved in Chitin Metabolism and Insecticide Detoxification in the Rice Leaf Folder (Cnaphalocrocis medinalis) Larvae through Transcriptomic Analysis
This work conducted de novo transcriptome sequencing which focused on the major feeding stage of fourth-instar larvae, and its work revealed useful information on chitin metabolism and insecticide detoxification and target genes of C. medinalis. Expand
[Carbon density and its spatial distribution in Quercus acutissima plantations under different thinning intensities].
Overall, thinning was helpful to the enhancement of carbon storage in the Q. acutissima plantations in Jianghuai hilly lands, and 30% thinning could be the best. Expand
Genetic diversity analysis reveals new badnaviruses infecting banana in South China
The results suggest that considering the complete genomic sequence rather than the RT/RNase H region alone is important when classifying badnavirus isolates, and this is the first report of natural infection of banana by SCBGAV-2 in China. Expand
Leaf Trait Related to Growth in 61 Catalpa bungei Clones
Leaf morphological indices, such as leaf length, leaf stalk length and leaf width, can predict the tree growth for Catalpa bungei clones, which would be helpful for clonal selection in future. Expand