Wan Tian Tian

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The expression of TCR-associated molecules was examined in human fetal and postnatal tissues. From gestational wk 7 onward in the fetal liver, putative prothymocytes have been identified with cytoplasmic CD3 positivity (cCD3+). These immature cells are TdT- and do not express membrane CD3 (mCD3-) or TCR beta identified by beta F1, but show CD7 and CD45(More)
Human T lymphocytes express either alpha/beta- or gamma/delta-TCR in association with the CD3 complex. We have isolated a mAb, delta TCS1, that immunoprecipitated the gamma/delta-TCR heterodimer from cell lysates of Peer and Molt-13 leukemia cell lines. After dissociation of the gamma- and delta-chains of TCR by treatment with SDS, delta TCS1 specifically(More)
We have tested a panel of four monoclonal antibodies to the T cell receptor (TCR) gamma/delta heterodimer (delta TCS-1, TS-8, TCR delta-1, anti- C gamma m 1) in pregnant and non-pregnant uteri. The TCR gamma/delta complex was not detected on stromal lymphocytes, but was localized in the cytoplasm of the endometrial glandular epithelium from most pregnant(More)
The fundamental deficiency and outward excess syndrome of coronary heart disease can be classified into Qi Yang deficiency with blood stasis (QYD) and Yin deficiency with blood stasis (YD). The patients showed disturbances in immunofunction manifested as marked increase of serum IgG, CIC, IC-IgG and IC-C3 levels and the percentage of B cells in the(More)
Along with the information technology's development of hydropower, hydropower industry has accumulated abundant data resources, hydropower big data era has arrived, the data has started from the simple processing object into a sort of basic resources. Starting from the essence of hydropower's large data and its resources, based on introducing the basic(More)
Peripheral T lymphocyte subsets in 60 cases of Graves' disease (GD) and 16 cases of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) were determined by the use of OKT monoclonal antibodies (McAb). The results showed that in both diseases OKT3 cells (total T cells) and OKT8 cells (suppressor T cells, TS cells) were lower and the ratio of OKT4 cells (helper T cells, TH cells)(More)
If the components in a component-based software system come from different sources, the characteristics of the components may be different. Therefore, evaluating the reliability of a component-based system with a fixed model for all components will not be reasonable. To solve this problem, this paper combines a single reliability growth model with an(More)
Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to human T Cell Antigen Receptor (TCR) have been used to study the structure and function of TCR. Using purified alpha/beta heterodimeric protein, we have generated two MAb against human TCR alpha protein. The two MAb, alpha F1 and alpha F2, recognized amino acid residues 141-159 and 212-231 of the constant region of the alpha(More)
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