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We obtain L 2 decay estimates in λ for oscillatory integral operators T λ whose phase functions are homogeneous polynomials of degree m and satisfy various genericity assumptions. The decay rates obtained are optimal in the case of (2 + 2)–dimensions for any m, while in higher dimensions the result is sharp for m sufficiently large. The proof for large m(More)
OBJECTIVE Many seniors experience depressive symptoms not meeting standard diagnostic criteria. The authors sought to examine the clinical correlates of older primary care patients with "subsyndromal depression" (SSD), hypothesizing that SSD subjects have greater symptoms and functional impairment than nondepressed patients, but not as severe as those with(More)
Young lesbian, gay, and bisexual (young LGB) individuals report higher rates of suicide ideation and attempts from their late teens through early twenties. Their high rate of Internet use suggests that online social networks offer a novel opportunity to reach them. This study explores online social networks as a venue for prevention research targeting young(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among outpatients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder receiving clozapine with a matched comparison group from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. METHOD Ninety-three outpatients and a matched group of 2,701 comparison subjects were compared according to(More)
Alteration in the HPA axis is a robust biomarker of anxiety and depression in adults, but questions remain about this association in pregnancy. We examined the longitudinal links between diurnal cortisol and mood symptoms from self-report questionnaire and diagnostic interview in an ethnically diverse, psychosocially at-risk sample of 101 women at(More)
BACKGROUND Prenatal loss, the death of a fetus/child through miscarriage or stillbirth, is associated with significant depression and anxiety, particularly in a subsequent pregnancy. AIMS This study examined the degree to which symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with a previous loss persisted following a subsequent successful pregnancy. (More)
OBJECTIVES Most older persons in primary care suffering clinically significant depressive symptoms do not meet criteria for major or minor depression. The authors tested the hypothesis that patients with subsyndromal depression (SSD) would have poorer psychiatric, medical, and functional outcomes at follow-up than nondepressed patients but not as poor as(More)