Wan Tang

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The future 5G wireless is triggered by the higher demand on wireless capacity. With Software Defined Network (SDN), the data layer can be separated from the control layer. The development of relevant studies about Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and cloud computing has the potential of offering a quicker and more reliable network access for growing(More)
The traditional Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, in which the information maintained in tags is passive and static, has no intelligent decision-making ability to suit application and environment dynamics. The Second-Generation RFID (2G-RFID) system, referred as 2G-RFID-sys, is an evolution of the traditional RFID system to ensure better quality(More)
Guastello's polynomial regression method for solving cusp catastrophe model has been widely applied to analyze nonlinear behavior outcomes. However, no statistical power analysis for this modeling approach has been reported probably due to the complex nature of the cusp catastrophe model. Since statistical power analysis is essential for research design, we(More)
BACKGROUND Although health outcomes may have fundamentally nonlinear relationships with relevant behavioral, psychological, cognitively, or biological predictors, most analytical models assume a linear relationship. Furthermore, some health outcomes may have multimodal distributions, but most statistical models in common use assume a unimodal, normal(More)