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OBJECTIVE Chinese cancer registration data provide information on the national cancer burden but how representative they are of the real situation is uncertain. Mortality data from cancer registration and the third national death survey were therefore compared to determine the accuracy of estimates in China. METHODS The data were from the Cancer(More)
Cancer has become one of the most important public health issues than ever. It was reported that the incidence rate of cancer was 235.0/100 000 and the mortality rate was 144.3/100 000. In China, cases of deaths and new cases of cancer accounted for 26.9% and 21.8% of the world's total numbers. The seven papers included in this issue had elaborated the(More)
Breast cancer (BC) is the most frequent female cancer worldwide and the new cases accounted for 23% of all female cancers in 2008 (Ferlay et al., 2008), ranking second overall (Ferlay et al., 2008). China is the country having severe burden of cancers worldwide, with the occurrence of 22% all cancers and 12% BC (Ferlay et al., 2008). In China, breast, lung(More)
The prevailing systems for decision-making in many countries tend to separate environmental factors at the policy, planning and management levels, a practice that has important implications for sustainable development. Among many methods, at different decision-making levels, environmental planning and environmental assessment are currently the most widely(More)
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