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This paper presents the design of microstrip rectangular patch antenna with center frequency at 2.5GHz for WiMAX application. The array of four by one (4x1) patch array microstrip rectangular antenna with microstrip line feeding based on quarter wave impedance matching technique was designed and simulated using Computer Simulation Tool (CST) Microwave(More)
Lighting contributes the highest amount of electricity usage in a building. Generally, lighting will consume from 20% until 50% of the electricity consumption. The efficient and effective use of lighting can offer major energy and cost saving. This research investigates and analyses the energy management in a building and presents the design of(More)
Real-time monitoring critical parameter is enhanced with email and short messaging system (SMS) for alert system. This system consists of four subsystems which include data acquisition, website monitoring, email protocol and SMS system. The aim of the integrated system is to remotely monitor critical parameter in tissue culture growth room. Research has(More)
With the increasing use of smart phones and other portable communications devices the role of WLAN is increasing. The IEEE 802.11 based WLAN is almost becoming the de facto broadband wireless access network. Due to widespread usage of portable devices the demand for energy efficient networking is increasing. It is necessary to design energy efficient(More)
IEEE802.11 based WLAN networks are considered to be the default broadband access network supporting a range of traffic sources. In this paper a dual parameter based cost function is proposed which can be used to determine the transmission data rate for a transmitting WLAN device in order to maximize the energy efficiency of an infrastructure based(More)
This work presents an energy efficient packet transmission algorithm that exploits the multi-rate transmission technique used by the link adaption algorithm of the IEEE 802.11 standard. The proposed algorithm adapts both the transmission data rate and the transmission power to optimize energy consumption of a WLAN transmitter under specific Quality of(More)
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