Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon

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This paper presents a study on the effectiveness of applying cognitive psychology in designing the graphical user interface (GUI). The study focuses on three main aspects of cognitive psychology which are the human memory limitation, perception, and attention. Based on these aspects, some related and well defined principles had been explored. Experiments(More)
This paper focuses on tree structured data visualization. The impetus for the work will be in the domain of phylogenetic classification, which is used by the biologists to describe possible evolutionary relationships between species or individuals based on their DNA or protein sequences. It examines current tree visualization and comparison techniques and(More)
This paper is about visualising tree structured data. In particular, the emphasis is on visualising the similarities and differences between pairs of trees. There are many research areas (such as biology, linguistics, chemistry and computer science) that use the tree as a basic data structure. The impetus for the work comes from the field of bioinformatics,(More)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems have been around for a long time. However, the need for such systems goes further than just the need to convert a scanned document into a text file. There is also a need to produce a more appealing and refine reconstructed fonts. Recently, many research works in font reconstruction have shown successful and(More)
The human-computer interaction (HCI) field is rapidly expanding. The main focus on HCI study is in the region of intersection between psychology and the social sciences, on the one hand, and computer science and technology, on the other. In this paper, we will discuss the usage of cognitive psychology research in designing an effective graphical user(More)
Official websites of an organisation is a gateway to inform the public about its profiles, products or services, and other related information for the interested parties. Nevertheless such websites are sometimes not updated, do not provide required information or the worst case they are abandoned despite the fact that software developers have fulfilled the(More)
Identifying an organic object like a flower against the background picture is known to be challenging. Several methods have been proposed so that unique characteristics of flowers can be extracted with increased accuracy. Establishing this process as a mobile flower identification service for the public requires major adaptation of the system due to(More)
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