Wan-Long Sun

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By using the method of time-space mutual substitution, the contribution of different processes in wetland soil N2O production was studied in the un-restoration wetland (R0), restoration wetland since 2007 (R2007) and restoration wetland since 2002 (R2002) of the Yellow River estuary to evaluate the effectiveness of the restoration projects. Results showed(More)
The spatial distribution characteristics of Fe and Mn contents in soils of nine different vegetation communities, located in the new-born marshes of the northern Yellow River estuary, were studied in May 2009. The results showed that the horizontal distributions of Fe and Mn contents showed an increasing tendency from Sparganiaceae-Potentilla supina marsh(More)
The characteristics of methane (CH4) fluxes from tidal wetlands of the Yellow River estuary were observed in situ with static-chamber and GC methods in September and October 2009, and the key factors affecting CH4 fluxes were discussed. From the aspect of space, the CH4 flux ranges in high tidal wetland, middle tidal wetland, low tidal wetland, bare flat(More)
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