Wan Jik Yang

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Parkinsonism-dementia complex (PDC) remains a significant health burden to the Chamorro population. We tested the hypothesis that quantitative proteomics might provide fresh insight into this enigmatic illness by analyzing proteins resistant to surfactant extraction from patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) or PDC and their matched controls using isobaric(More)
Transient synovitis is the most common cause of acute hip pain in children. However, MR imaging findings in transient synovitis and the role of MR imaging in differentiating transient synovitis from septic arthritis have not been fully reported. To describe the MR findings of transient synovitis and to determine whether the MR characteristics can(More)
Accumulation of abnormal protein aggregates, detergent-insoluble (DI) proteins and amyloid in the brain are shared features of many neurodegenerative diseases. Previous studies correlating DI proteins and cognitive performance are limited. We addressed these limitations using two sets of autopsy brains, one selected from our Alzheimer's Disease Research(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression of serine protease Omi/HtrA2 in gastric carcinoma tissue and its association with clinicopathological features and prognosis. METHODS Omi/HtrA2 protein expression levels were detected by immunohistochemistry method in resected gastric carcinomas(n=68), adjacent noncancerous tissues(n=15), and normal tissues(n=15), and(More)
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