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The pore-forming alpha subunits of many ion channels are associated with auxiliary subunits that influence channel expression, targeting, and function. Several different auxiliary (beta) subunits for large conductance calcium-dependent potassium channels of the Slowpoke family have been reported, but none of these beta subunits is expressed extensively in(More)
A dose-response experiment with 6 dietary energy levels (2,600, 2,700, 2,800, 2,900, 3,000, 3,100 kcal of AME /kg) was conducted to study the effects of dietary energy on growth performance and carcass quality of White Pekin ducks from 2 to 6 wk of age. Six hundred 14-d-old White Pekin ducks were randomly divided to 6 dietary treatments, each containing 5(More)
Mobility modelling is an essential component of wireless and mobile networking research. Our proposed Agenda Driven Mobility Model takes into consideration a person's social activities in the form of agenda (when, where and what) for motion generation. The model provides a framework for translating social agendas into a mobile world. Using the data from(More)
Glycosylation of glycoproteins is one of many molecular changes that accompany malignant transformation. Post-translational modifications of proteins are closely associated with the adhesion, invasion, and metastasis of tumor cells. CD147, a tumor-associated antigen that is highly expressed on the cell surface of various tumors, is a potential target for(More)
With the popularity of Java programming language and the progress on Java compiler techniques, people have been trying to use Java to develop applications where C/C++ ruled before. However, to deliver comparable overall run-time performance with C/C++, Java I/O must also keep up with that of C/C++. In this paper, we studied comprehensively the performances(More)
Using existing TCP/IP emulation layers over InfiniBand networks in Java applications presented rather poor communication performance and heavy overhead in host CPU. In this paper, we propose Jdib (Java Direct InfiniBand), a Java application acceleration technique to directly exploit RDMA (remote-direct-memory-access) capability of InfiniBand network(More)
Many methods have been proposed to solve the image classification problem for a large number of categories. Among them, methods based on tree-based representations achieve good trade-off between accuracy and test time efficiency. While focusing on learning a tree-shaped hierarchy and the corresponding set of classifiers, most of them [11, 2, 14] use a(More)
BACKGROUND Informed consent is regarded as a cornerstone of ethical healthcare research and is a requirement for most clinical research studies. Guidelines suggest that prospective randomised controlled trial (RCT) participants should understand a basic amount of key information about the RCTs they are being asked to enrol in in order to provide valid(More)