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A systematic transcriptome survey is essential for the characterization and comprehension of the molecular basis underlying phenotypic variations. Recently developed RNA-seq methodology has facilitated efficient data acquisition and information mining of transcriptomes in multiple tissues/cell lines. Current mammalian transcriptomic databases are either(More)
Ras-related, estrogen-regulated, and growth-inhibitory gene (RERG) is a novel gene that was first reported in breast cancer. However, the functions of RERG are largely unknown in other tumor types. In this study, RERG expression was analyzed in hepatocellular carcinomas of human patients using reverse transcriptase PCR analysis. In addition, the possible(More)
In this paper, we analysis parallel Crawler fetching Model in the distributed architecture, described function of every component and some rules which crawlers must obey when they fetch the web simultaneously. And, we designed a Hash URL Scheduling based algorithm. 1 Preface A distributed Crawler indicates that multiple Crawlers gather the web information(More)
Spectral clustering algorithms are newly developing technique in recent years. In this paper, we derive a new pairwise affinity function for spectral clustering based on a measure of texture features represented by Gaussian Markov Random Field (GMRF) model. This model is used to capture the statistical properties of the neighborhood at a pixel, and then(More)
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