Wan Fang

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  • Wang Da-Zhen, Jun-Shan Zhan, Wan Fang, Zhu Lei
  • 2006
Task scheduling is one of the effective methods in grid computing environment. In this paper, we introduce swarm intelligence mechanism into task scheduling, and propose a new dynamic task-scheduling algorithm. This algorithm is used in the simple resource pool model and can effectively organize independent tasks based on the interaction model between a(More)
  • Hong Song, Op Gezag Van De Rector, Magnificus Ir K C A M Prof, Luyben, Rector Magnificus, M Verhaegen +72 others
  • 2011
Acknowledgments D uring the past five years, I have got generous and continuous support and encouragement from my supervisors, colleagues, friends, and my family. I am really in a luxury situation because there are so many people around. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to you all! Special thanks to my supervisor — Prof. Michel Verhaegen! First of(More)
Ras-related, estrogen-regulated, and growth-inhibitory gene (RERG) is a novel gene that was first reported in breast cancer. However, the functions of RERG are largely unknown in other tumor types. In this study, RERG expression was analyzed in hepatocellular carcinomas of human patients using reverse transcriptase PCR analysis. In addition, the possible(More)
In this paper, we analysis parallel Crawler fetching Model in the distributed architecture, described function of every component and some rules which crawlers must obey when they fetch the web simultaneously. And, we designed a Hash URL Scheduling based algorithm. 1 Preface A distributed Crawler indicates that multiple Crawlers gather the web information(More)
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