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OBJECTIVE Ischemic colitis (IC) spans a broad spectrum from self-limiting illness to intestinal gangrene and mortality. Prognostic factors specifically for nonpostoperative IC were not fully characterized. We aim to focus on nonpostoperative IC in patients with renal dysfunction and try to identify prognostic factors for adverse outcomes. METHODS We(More)
AIM OF STUDY Unrecognized one-lung intubations (also known as main-stem intubation) can lead to hypoventilation, atelectasis, barotrauma, and even patient death. Many traditional methods can be employed to detect one-lung intubation; however, each of these methods has limitations and is not consistently reliable in emergency settings. This study aimed to(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to assess the diagnostic accuracy and timeliness of using tracheal ultrasound to examine endotracheal tube placement during emergency intubation. METHODS This was a prospective, observational study, conducted at the emergency department of a national university teaching hospital. Patients received emergency intubation because(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of tracheal ultrasonography for assessing endotracheal tube position during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). METHODS We performed a prospective observational study of patients undergoing emergency intubation during CPR. Real-time tracheal ultrasonography was performed during the intubation with the(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with appendiceal mucocele (AM) commonly present with features indicative of acute appendicitis. In emergency departments, accurate preoperative diagnosis is crucial to prompt appropriate treatment. This study investigates the clinical and sonographic characteristics of AM, which may prove useful in preoperatively differentiating AM from(More)
Pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas are usually associated with severe intra-abdominal pathologies. As diagnostic technologies advanced, a number of variant etiologies have been identified. We report 2 cases in which pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas developed after prolonged cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the etiologies of the sandwich sign other than lymphoma. METHOD The images of 34 patients with sonographic sandwich sign over a 5-year period were retrospectively reviewed. The etiology was based on the pathologic report of mesenteric lymph nodes, or the presence of extensive metastatic disease in case of known advanced primary(More)