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Over the last couple of year, the expansion of Web services has grown drastically. In practical applications, many uncertain attributes of Web service change as the complexity of the Web evolves and influence the QoS (quality of service). However, existing matchmaking models and algorithms do not take the uncertain attributes into account, which leads to(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to examine the recovery of spiked human cardiac troponin I (cTnI) results measured by four routine assays, and investigate possible interference from microclots. MATERIALS AND METHODS 457 consecutive samples with cTnI concentration below limit of quantitation (12 ng/L), declared by the Vitros TnI ES assay (reference assay),(More)
In single-source network coding, we are interested in characterizing the maximum rate at which information can be multicast from the source node to all the sink nodes, this is accomplished by the mean of Max-Flow-Min-Cut theorem. In multi-source network coding the problem is different and more complicated; we are interested in characterizing the information(More)
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