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One of the most well-studied scheduling algorithms for real-time systems is the Rate Monotonic (RM) scheduling for periodic tasks. In this paper we derive a generalized RM schedulability bound by considering relative period ratios among tasks in a system. We show that schedulability bounds published earlier are special cases of our generalized bound. Our(More)
Rate monotonic analysis (RMA) has been shown to be effective in the schedulability analysis of various types of system. This paper focuses on reducing the run time of each RMA-tested system. Based on a new concept of tasks, denoted by the lift-utilization tasks, we propose a novel method to reduce the number of iterative calculations in the derivation of(More)
Real-time scheduling for task sets has been studied, and the corresponding schedulability analysis has been developed. Due to the considerable overheads required to precisely analyze the schedulability of a task set (referred to as exact schedulability analysis), the trade-off between precision and efficiency is widely studied. Many efficient but imprecise(More)
Real-time disk scheduling is an important research topic for time-critical multimedia applications. Some well-known research results, such as SCAN-earliest deadline first (EDF) and DM-SCAN, applied the SCAN scheme to reschedule service sequence of input tasks and reduce their service time. In this paper, we prove that the general disk-scheduling problem(More)
The imprecise computation model is an extension of the traditional real-time processing model. In this model, each imprecise task is logically divided into two portions: a mandatory portion and an optional portion. Since the optional portions of imprecise tasks can be traded for their deadlines and/or the required quality of service (QoS), the resulting(More)
Real-time systems using rate monotonic fixed priority scheduling can be checked for schedulability either by pessimistic schedulability conditions or exact testing. Exact testing provides a more precise result but cannot always be performed in polynomial time. Audsley et al. proposed one of the earliest methods by iteratively deriving the job response(More)
Background Appropriate prescribing is fundamental to successful pharmacotherapy. The status of current ambulatory medication practices in medicine and pharmacy would be better understood through an analysis of community pharmacy prescription claims. Objective The aims of the study were to investigate patterns of the types of prescriptions claimed by(More)
This paper addresses two augmentation problems related to bipartite graphs. The first, a fundamental graph-theoretical problem, is how to add a set of edges with the smallest possible cardinality so that the resulting graph is 2-edge-connected, i.e., bridge-connected, and still bipartite. The second problem, which arises naturally from research on the(More)
The theory of planned behavior has been applied to sports and exercise behaviors. According to this theory, human intention to take action in a specific context is guided by three antecedents: attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control. Behavioral intention mediates the relationships between these three considerations and its ultimate(More)
OBJECTIVE Agomelatine is a new antidepressant with unique melatonin receptor type 1A (MTNR1A) and 1B ( MTNR1B) agonism and serotonergic receptor 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C (5-HT-2C) antagonism. Several studies of patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) have confirmed the superior efficacy and safety of agomelatine in comparison with established(More)