Wan Ahmad Jaafar-Wan Yahaya

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SECI model is commonly used in explaining the process of interaction and transaction of tacit and explicit knowledge between the experts and novices. The model involves Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization process derived from organizational practice. As its applicability in the educational context is inconclusive, an(More)
This paper represents an attempt to conceive a tangible multimedia framework in educational settings. For preschoolers, the major drawback in conventional multimedia systems nowadays is the lack of concrete elements that allow them to learn naturally and tangibly. As Piaget stated that children aged below seven can only cognizant concrete objects(More)
Based on the idea of constructivism, cognitivism, Atkinson & Shiffrin and Kieras & Meyer's EPIC human memory theories, tangible objects are considered the missing attribute in digital multimedia learning systems for preschoolers. Because of negligence to this attribute, a learning gap emerges between preschoolers and multimedia system. The gap is reflected(More)
The generally accepted assumption by most multimedia researchers is that learning is inhibited when on-screen text and narration containing the same information is presented simultaneously, rather than on-screen text or narration alone. This is known as the verbal redundancy effect. Are there situations where the reverse is true? This research was designed(More)
This paper focuses on multimedia design principles which explain the design strategies when developing a virtual reality learning application. This study aims to increase students' knowledge in Islamic funeral rites. Past studies have shown that students, young people and communities are less mastered in this practice and this was due to less effective(More)
— The increasing numbers of Autism have been increased lately. Even though many research dedicated to autistic children around the world but the outcome was too limited and only made known to the doctor and the parents. None of this outcomes cou ld be shared and distribute to society because the outcomes was too technical and limited. The information's(More)
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