Wan Aezwani Wan Abu Bakar

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Data mining is the process of discovering knowledge and previously unknown pattern from large amount of data. The association rule mining (ARM) has been in trend where a new pattern analysis can be discovered to project for an important prediction about any issues. Since the first introduction of frequent itemset mining, it has received a major attention(More)
This paper presents the results of an exploratory study conducted to investigate the public perception towards crime information shared by the crowds. Information required for the study was obtained through a survey, self-administered questionnaires distributed to the crowds in public areas including shopping mall, food court, mosque, and institutes of(More)
In assessment of site, contractors have a lot of routine jobs such as checklists, daily reports, collection of construction data and the inspection. Contractor needs to access the real construction site to manage the construction project progress. They usually use sheets of paper or field notes. A gap in time and space between the outdoor construction site(More)
Evaluation for effectiveness and efficiency of artificial reefs (AR) development is quite difficult and troublesome. This is because of high cost incurred. As for common practice, evaluation process is done by special dive task force unit to conduct diving activity to observe on how AR has developed. The paper presents framework architecture to integrate(More)
Nangka or Jackfruit is one of the plantation crops which are commercialized in Agriculture Business industry in Malaysia. There are certain activities involved in cultivation process until it's marketed. Every day job routine is done by farmer like pruning, fruit thinning, weeding, fertilizing and so on. Those job activities are not in well planned and(More)
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