Wambui N. Young

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Identifying the molecular genetic basis of traits contributing to speciation is of crucial importance for understanding the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that generate biodiversity. Despite several examples describing putative "speciation genes," it is often uncertain to what extent these genetic changes have contributed to gene flow reductions in(More)
The Lichtenstein hernia repair has become a popular technique for most inguinal hernias performed in the United States. One attempt to improve on this technique includes the use of a tacker instead of suturing the mesh. This study compared the feasibility and time saving for placement of mesh for open inguinal hernias with a tacker versus polypropylene(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy (in terms of ultrasound-guided probe placement) and the effectiveness (in terms of pathologic tumor-free margin) of laparoscopic vs open radiofrequency (RF) ablation. Using a previously validated tissue-mimic model, 1-cm simulated hepatic tumors were ablated in 10 pigs randomized to open or laparoscopic(More)
Patients with nephrotic syndrome have an increased incidence of infection; the cause of this is unknown. It is recognized that neutrophils play an important role in the protection of the body against bacteria. In an attempt to evaluate the function of neutrophils in various categories of nephritis, and that function's relationship in response to steroid(More)
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