Walter d'Hondt

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Though it may appear more severe and dramatic in most industrialized nations, drug addiction has also become a matter for concern in some developing nations. The problem is even more complex when, prior to the advent of colonialism and the adoption of Western values by those countries, there already existed traditional forms of drug addiction. This paper(More)
To several African nations, the access to international sovereignity has been concomittant with a crisis of values: the pressure of urbanization and industrialization have caused deep frustrations and called for a number of painful adjustments. To sample a measure of the changes that are still in process we asked 950 Senegalese secondary school students to(More)
In view of the growing importance of religion in Senegal, 950 Wolof speaking secondary school students were asked to comment upon the meaning and importance they gave to the practice of religion, and whether they believed it had any consequence on their lives and their country at large. An analysis of answers provided shows a large predominance of the(More)
Results show that tobacco smoking is a widespread phenomenon among Senegalese adolescents for several important reasons: economic (the intensive advertisement campaigns in favor of tobacco smoking), cultural (the ambivalence of traditional attitudes of Western urbanization, and the attractiveness of the Western way of life), psychological (the traumas of(More)
1. It will demonstrate, with specific examples, the types of planning, justification, expense, and results that are part of the implementation of new computer graphics applications; and, 2. It will attempt to bring out the major barriers to implementation of computer graphics in large organizations and how those barriers may be overcome. The session is(More)
With the help of a questionnaire addressed to 276 training teachers, we investigated the difficulties encountered by these adults during their adolescence with their teachers, their parents and their friends. Three-quarters of our subjects had trouble with their parents and their friends, while only half of them had trouble with teachers. A great proportion(More)
Conformism seems to be of negative value in most European cultures as it is understood to rule out originality and creativity. In "transitional" societies such as the Senegalese one, at the crossroads of diverse influences, Western, Eastern and traditional African, the conception of conformism is slightly different, as we found when we investigated a group(More)
Westerners visiting Africa for the first time are often surprized --if not shocked--at the large number of beggars in the streets and the relative ease with which people solicit or give help although pure adherents of Islam are in favour of restricting beggary . A first reason for this is that most West African societies are deeply Islamized and that(More)
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