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Streptomyces glaucescens, a Gram-positive soil bacterium, produces the polyketide antibiotic tetracenomycin (Tcm) C. To study possible biochemical connections between the biosynthesis of bacterial fatty acids and polyketides, the abundant acyl carrier protein (ACP) detected throughout the growth of the tetracenomycin (Tcm) C-producing S. glaucescens was(More)
A 10 T, 2-layer cos(0)-dipole model magnet with an 88 mm clear bore utilizing an advanced Powder-in-Tube Nb3Sn conductor is being developed. A dedicated conductor development program has resulted in a well performing Rutherford cable containing strands that uniquely exhibit both an overall current density of 600 "mZ @ 11T and filaments with a diameter of 20(More)
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