Walter W. Schroeder

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The eye of a 47 year old man with tyrosinase-positive oculocutaneous albinism, photophobia, nystagmus and visual acuity 0, 4-0, 5 was histologically examined after orbital exenteration for neoplasia. Histologic serial sections of the centre of the retina showed a continuous 6-8 cell-layer of ganglion cells, without any suggestion of a foveolar pit. The(More)
A 36-year-old man suffered from diarrhoea for some weeks and was treated with Salazosulphapyridie and Fluocortulon when he developed a transient myopia combined with an angle closure glaucoma. The refraction of his mild hyperopic eyes (+0,5 dpt) changed to -5,5 dpt and the intraocular pressure increased to 40 mm Hg in the right and 42 mm Hg in the left eye.(More)
Ich m6chte Ihnen zun~ichst zeigen, wie grol3 die Unterschiede zwischen dem normalen Stoffwechsel und dem Krebsstoffwechsel sind. In Fig. t sehen Sie ein Manometriegefiil3, das eine Suspension von Zellen entMlt. Im Gasraum befindet sich Sauerstoff mit 5Vol.-% Kohlenstiure. Gef~tB und Manometer werden bei 38 ~ schnell in horizontaler Richtung hinund(More)
With contact B-scan ultrasongraphy it is possible, to determine the topographical relations of space occupieing lesions to the main orbital structures. This enables the examiner to answer three important questions: (1) In which part of the orbit the lesion is located? (2) Is the proptosis produced by a lesion separate from the muscles and the optic nerve or(More)
Escherichia coli strains, carrying F'episomes with a thermoinducible prophage of Mu were used to study the effect of heat induction on the ability of the cells to transfer these episomes to recipient cells. With this method information was obtained on the excision of the prophage after induction. Control studies were done with an episome containing a(More)
Lateral sinus thrombosis is a difficult diagnostic problem. Specialized computerized tomography allows non-invasive preoperative visualization of sinus contents enabling the surgeon to make a definitive diagnosis with appropriate preoperative planning. This case report details these specialized techniques and their application to a case of lateral sinus(More)
Optimal conditions for slit lamp examination of the fundus prevail when both the illuminating and the observation bundles of the binocular microscope lie in a common horizontal plane. The pupil of a sitting patient whose lateral parts of the fundus are examined, appears as a vertical ellipse. In this case the three bundles mentioned, in order to pass(More)
BACKGROUND 90 % of blind children live in the developing world. Only limited data are available on the prevalence and causes of blindness. PURPOSE AND METHODS In order to identify the commonest causes of childhood blindness in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a study was conducted in 81 children (< 16 years old) attending schools for the blind in the(More)
In 15 eyes with PHPV (3 suspected cases) patterns of rudimentary hyaloid vessels were found by A-scan echography in 9 cases all under 7 years of age; although these vessels were seen ophthalmoscopically in only 1 case. This ultrasonographic finding appears to add an important contribution to the clinical diagnosis of PHPV, when the monolateral cataract is(More)
Bei knapp 33% aller Patientinnen mit epithelialem Ovarialkarzinom wird die Diagnose bereits in einem frühen Stadium mit lokoregionär begrenzter Tumorausbreitung gestellt. Die Abschätzung des Rezidivrisikos und der Chancen auf Langzeitüberleben erfolgt mit Hilfe von Prognosefaktoren. Verschiedene Arbeitsgruppen haben den hohen Differenzierungsgrad (G1) und(More)