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McMillan has recently proposed a new technique to avoid the state explosion problem in the verification of systems modelled with finite-state Petri nets. The technique requires to construct a finite initial part of the unfolding of the net. McMillan's algorithm for this task may yield initial parts that are larger than necessary (exponentially larger in the(More)
A key problem in mixing operational (e.g., process-algebraic) and declarative (e.g., logical) styles of specification is how to deal with inconsistencies arising when composing processes under conjunction. This article introduces a conjunction operator on labelled transition systems capturing the basic intuition of " a and b = false " , and considers a(More)
Petri nets with read arcs are investigated with respect to their unfolding, where read arcs model reading without consuming, which is often more adequate than the destructive-read-and-rewrite modelled with loops in ordinary nets. The paper redeenes the concepts of a branching process and unfolding for nets with read arcs and proves that the set of reachable(More)