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From the patient material of three paediatric surgical centres and the patient material of the paediatric surgical hospitals of Zurich, Switzerland and Leipzig, GDR, 24 cases of lung and bronchial tumours are reported. The aim of this review is to show a spectrum of the cases observed in our region. The most frequent of these very rare tumours was pulmonary(More)
There is no generally accepted method for compartmental pressure measurement, as yet. Substantial disadvantages are implied in methods based on outflow resistance measurement, and, above all, these methods are hardly suitable for long-time pressure measurement nor for objectivation of dynamic pressure alterations. Described in this paper is the authors' own(More)
Gastric and enteric cysts represent genuine duplications. With regard to their genesis opinions are divided. These duplications may perforate into the lung parenchyma and/or the bronchial system, giving rise to specific symptoms. The only possible therapy is complete extirpation. The intrapulmonary metastases are drained and aspirated and can be cured(More)
Because of the rare incidence of liver abscess in childhood and of extremely rare observed Aeromonas hydrophila as pathogen of such a disease we report on a 14 7/12 year old girl with a liver abscess. For the last 4 years she had to be enrolled in chronic hemodialysis. The treatment comprised opening of the abscess cavity and drainage, and antibiotic(More)
The mechanism of the effects of endovesical electrostimulation on the bladder wall was examined in experimental animals. Histochemical examinations showed no changes of any kind in the activity of enzymes in the detrusor area. In the out-flow region of the bladder an increase in the activity of malatedehydrogenase, alpha-glycerophosphate-dehydrogenase, acid(More)
Forearm fractures are the most frequent fractures in childhood. We were treating 759 fractures of this kind. Our results obtained were compared with other authors dealing with this subject. The treatment of choice is conservative. Only in 1.9% surgical measures (osteosynthesis) are required. Refractures are mostly caused as a result of short immobilisation.(More)
This study presents a user friendly programming tool developed to assist persons with motor disabilities in communicating with computers via voice commands. The main purpose of the study was to develop a human computer interface (HCI) able to convert voice commands into computer actions. To this end, an interface was developed for facilitating the(More)