Walter Schultz

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BACKGROUND Tibial tunnel widening is a common phenomenon seen with hamstring anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Concern exists that increased tunnel widening can lead to delayed graft incorporation, graft laxity, or difficulties in revision surgery. HYPOTHESIS Supplemental aperture fixation with autogenous bone cores or bioabsorbable interference(More)
The specific communities of spiders and carabid beetles of island salt marsh habitats of the East Frisian Island chain at the German North Sea coast were investigated. During the vegetation periods of 1997 and 1998 three pitfall trapping transects were installed on the islands of Borkum and Wangerooge. Within the salt marshes, transects extended from 0 m to(More)
BACKGROUND The risk of a contralateral slip in patients who are first seen with a unilateral slipped capital femoral epiphysis has been reported to be 2335 times higher than the risk of an initial slip. The overall prevalence of bilaterality varies widely throughout the literature, with some reports indicating rates as high as 80%. This finding has led many(More)
In this critical review, we summarize the literature comparing the 2 grafts most frequently used in reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament--patellar tendon and hamstring autografts. We evaluate the biomechanical properties, comorbidities, and clinical performance of the grafts and focus our review on clinical outcomes reported in prospective(More)
Dispositional properties have been receiving an increasing amount of attention in the last decade from metaphysicians and philosophers of science. The proper semantics and ontology remains controversial. This paper offers an analysis and ontology of dispositional properties rooted in Christology and the biblical doctrine of creation. The analysis overcomes(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment for femoral neck fracture among patients aged 65 years or older varies, with many surgeons preferring hemiarthroplasty (HA) over total hip arthroplasty (THA). There is evidence that THA may lead to better functional outcomes, although it also carries greater risk of mortality and dislocation rates. METHODS We created a Markov decision(More)
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