Walter Schäfer

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The anatomy of urinary incontinence and the underlying pathology is still under discussion. We examined 24 stress incontinent patients and 6 healthy volunteers. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) clearly shows that the urethra is not connected to the levator ani. The urethra is not fixed to deep perineal muscle layers. In stress incontinence the sharp(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether the sphincter area in women can be seen and quantified with intra-urethral ultrasound (IUUS). Currently, sphincter capacity in women is determined by clinical tests, vaginal palpation, urodynamics and urethral pressure profile. PATIENTS AND METHODS A pilot study using IUUS was carried out in 32 stress incontinent and 12(More)
OBJECTIVE One of the most common "treatment" alternatives in suspected outflow obstruction due to bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) is watchful waiting (WW). The aim of this study was to see whether there were any differences in outcome between patients with slight, moderate or severe obstruction due to BOO as classified by transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and(More)
In the course of a prospective randomised study, 120 patients underwent a carpal tunnel release procedure. The follow-up documentation included 101 patients. 54 patients had the conventional open procedure, including epineural neurolysis of the median nerve. 47 patients were treated with the Agee endoscopic procedure. The documentation included: patients(More)
This is a case-report of an undiagnosed congenital defect (aplasia?) of the left diaphragm in a female adult, now aged 43 years. The woman was falsely diagnosed since her youth for cavernous tuberculosis and sent to a tuberculosis hospital for 17 months. Later on, the patient was thought to have a "tear" in the left lung (!) and treated for 9 months as an(More)
301 patients, operated for Crohn's disease in a ten-year period (1980-1989) were analyzed retrospectively, regarding perioperative risk of bowel resection (n = 336). The overall mortality rate was 0.6% (elective 0, emergency 6%). The reasons of this low mortality rate are of different nature. Very important is a meticulous perioperative treatment and a(More)
65 unselected patients with acute leukemia, diagnosed in 1971 to 1978, were analysed for prognostic factors. The survival-curves (constructed by means of Kaplan-Meier-estimation) were compared with Logrank and generalized Wilcoxon Test. Response to therapy, age, sex, initial granulocyte and platelet-count, LDH and portion of peripheral blasts were examined.(More)
Following normothermic cardiac arrest an increase of the coronary resistance and a decrease of the cross section of the coronary arteries have been measured as a function of the duration of the ischaemic period during intermittent coronary perfusion. A significant decrease of the coronary resistance, however, was observed when nitroglycerin or papaverin(More)