Walter Salzmann

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We demonstrate the photoassociation of ultracold rubidium dimers using coherent femtosecond pulses. Starting from a cloud of ultracold rubidium atoms, electronically excited rubidium molecules are formed with shaped photoassociation pump pulses. The excited state molecules are projected with a time-delayed probe pulse onto molecular ion states which are(More)
Heparin dose requirements for s.c. heparin prophylaxis were investigated in control individuals and in uremic patients. Heparin levels (neutralisation of factor Xa activity, neutralisation of Xa amidolytic activity; PTT and thrombin time) at timed intervals after single and repetitive s.c. doses of 5,000 or 7,500 IU were measured in 11 uremic patients and 9(More)
LCS level of lactate and clinical status correlate well during the initial stage of encephalomalacia (2nd-4th day) and during a period of 12 to 14 days after infarction LCS level of lactate may, therefore, be regarded as important parameter for short-term prognosis of encephalomalcia. The use of a semiquantitative clinical score also permits predictions as(More)
ST~I~, G., Beitrag zur Fortpflanzung der m~.rklschen Weidemneisen, Beitr. z. Fortpfl.-biologie 3, 1927~ p. 116--119. --, Weitere Mitteilungen zur Fortpflanzung der mSrkischen Weidenmeisen, Beitr. z. Fortpfl.-biol. 3, 1927, p. 155---159. STR~S~AN~, E.~ BrutvSget tier Vorulpen~ V. 0. G. B. 13~ 1918, p. 339--342. --, Zwischen Isar und Lech, O. 5~. B. 30, 1922,(More)
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