Walter Runge

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Dihydroxyacetone and lawsone, in a vanishing cream base, applied to the skin was found to protect patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria against sunlight. The use of the same ingredients in a 50% isopropyl alcohol/water solution did not induce adequate light protection. The chemically induced ultraviolet light filter in the stratum corneum allowed(More)
The increasingly broad application of electron microscopy to the study of cytological detail in both normal and pathological tissues has created a need for an improved staining method for light microscopy of material processed primarily for electron optical investigation. A staining technic that would produce results comparable to those obtained with(More)
This study evaluated the morphologic appearance of spontaneous aortic and coronary atherosclerotic lesions in 21 of the 28, 3-year old, heterozygous Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic (WHHL-Hh) rabbits whose lipid profiles were presented in part I of this report. In situ perfusion fixation of the arteries showed 100% of the aortas involved with one or(More)
Sublethal doses of organophosphate anticholinesterases cause acute pancreatitis in dogs within 2 h. In vitro studies using canine pancreatic fragments have also demonstrated that the peak of amylase release in response to acetylcholine is shifted far to the left after incubation with the organophosphates echothiophate (10(-4) M) or tetraisopropyl(More)