Walter Romano

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Support vector ordinal regression (SVOR) is a popular method to tackle ordinal regression problems. However, until now there were no effective algorithms proposed to address incremental SVOR learning due to the complicated formulations of SVOR. Recently, an interesting accurate on-line algorithm was proposed for training ν-support vector(More)
A prospective comparison of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging at 1.5 T was performed in 50 patients with the suspected diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma. CT scans were obtained before and after administration of contrast material in 41 of 50 patients (82%); 34 of 41 postcontrast scans (83%) were obtained with dynamic CT. MR images(More)
We report the successful treatment of a 43-year-old woman with menorrhagia and multiple uterine fibroids by temporary uterine artery occlusion. Using a Doppler-guided transvaginal clamp, her uterine arteries were non-invasively identified and occluded by mechanical compression against the cervix for 6 h. Following removal of the clamp, blood flow in the(More)
We developed a quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CT (DCE-CT) technique for measuring Myocardial Perfusion Reserve (MPR) and Volume Reserve (MVR) and studied their relationship with coronary stenosis. Twenty-six patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) were recruited. Degree of stenosis in each coronary artery was classified from catheter-based(More)
This study investigates novel object-interaction priors for graph cut image segmentation with application to intervertebral disc delineation in magnetic resonance (MR) lumbar spine images. The algorithm optimizes an original cost function which constrains the solution with learned prior knowledge about the geometric interactions between different objects in(More)
Our aim was to determine the clinical value of MRI and CT arthrography in predicting the presence of loose bodies in the elbow. A series of 26 patients with mechanical symptoms in the elbow had plain radiography, MRI and CT arthrography, followed by routine arthroscopy of the elbow. The location and number of loose bodies determined by MRI and CT(More)
Diminished vascular endothelial function results in decreased vasodilator capacity and is associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) in patients afflicted with type 2 diabetes. The current study was designed to evaluate whether daily use of sildenafil could alter endothelial function and improve penile rigidity in a group of patients with diabetic ED. A(More)
Paragangliomas (carotid body tumours, chemodectomas) may arise in any area of the body where sympathetic ganglia are present, including chemoreceptors, the adrenal medulla and retroperitoneal ganglia. Increasing numbers of patients are being reported with vertebral metastases and spinal cord compression for which either decompression laminectomy or external(More)
Model selection plays an important role in cost-sensitive SVM (CS-SVM). It has been proven that the global minimum cross validation (CV) error can be efficiently computed based on the solution path for one parameter learning problems. However, it is a challenge to obtain the global minimum CV error for CS-SVM based on one-dimensional solution path and(More)