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—This paper discusses the electronic transport properties of nanowire field-effect transistors (NW-FETs). Four different device concepts are studied in detail: Schottky-barrier NW-FETs with metallic source and drain contacts, conventional-type NW-FETs with doped NW segments as source and drain electrodes, and, finally, two new concepts that enable steep(More)
"Outperforming the conventional scaling rules in the quantum-capacitance limit" Abstract—We present a study on the scaling behavior of field-effect transistors in the quantum-capacitance limit (QCL). It will be shown that a significant performance improvement in terms of the power delay product can be obtained in devices scaled toward the QCL. As a result,(More)
Keywords: Tunnel FET Band-to-band tunneling Local lateral uniaxial tensile strain Asymmetric strain profile Local strain engineering Local band-gap modulation Subthreshold swing Scaling Multi-gate Si nanowires a b s t r a c t This paper reports all-silicon asymmetrically strained Tunnel FET architectures that feature improved subthreshold swing and I on /I(More)
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