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A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Multidepot and Periodic Vehicle Routing Problems
The metaheuristic combines the exploration breadth of population-based evolutionary search, the aggressive-improvement capabilities of neighborhood-based metaheuristics, and advanced population-diversity management schemes and proves extremely competitive for the capacitated VRP. Expand
The Benders decomposition algorithm: A literature review
A state-of-the-art survey of the Benders Decomposition algorithm, emphasizing its use in combinatorial optimization and introducing a taxonomy of algorithmic enhancements and acceleration strategies based on the main components of the algorithm. Expand
Progressive hedging-based metaheuristics for stochastic network design
A two-stage stochastic programming formulation, where design decisions make up the first stage, while recourse decisions are made in the second stage to distribute the commodities according to observed demands, which is numerically shown to be computationally efficient and to yield high-quality solutions under various problem characteristics and demand correlations. Expand
Accelerating Benders Decomposition by Local Branching
This paper shows how local branching can be used to accelerate the classical Benders decomposition algorithm by applying local branching throughout the solution process, and shows how Benders feasibility cuts can be strengthened or replaced with local branching constraints. Expand
50th Anniversary Invited Article - Future Research Directions in Stochastic Vehicle Routing
The state-of-the-art in stochastic vehicle routing is examined by examining the main classes of stoChastic VRPs, the modeling paradigms used to formulate them, and existing exact and approximate solution methods that have been proposed to tackle them. Expand
Efficient lower bounds and heuristics for the variable cost and size bin packing problem
Lower bounds and heuristics for the variable cost and size bin packing problem are introduced and the results show that these correlations matter and that solution methods that are un-biased toward particular correlation values perform better. Expand
A path relinking algorithm for a multi-depot periodic vehicle routing problem
In this paper, we consider a multi-depot periodic vehicle routing problem which is characterized by the presence of a homogeneous fleet of vehicles, multiple depots, multiple periods, and two typesExpand
Partial-route inequalities for the multi-vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands
Three lower bounding functionals based on the generation of general partial routes, as well as an exact separation procedure to identify violated cuts are introduced, confirming the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. Expand
An adaptive large-neighborhood search heuristic for a multi-period vehicle routing problem
This work proposes an adaptive large-neighborhood search with several specifically designed operators and features, showing the excellent performance of the algorithm in terms of solution quality and computational efficiency. Expand
Strategic analysis of the dairy transportation problem
This work develops a generalized tabu search algorithm that integrates the different characteristics of the DTP and proposes an approach based on scenario analysis that consists of revising both the steps and the information used to construct the routes. Expand