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Viroid replication: equilibrium association constant and comparative activity measurements for the viroid-polymerase interaction.
The binding and replication of purified potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTV) by DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II from wheat germ was studied in analytical ultracentrifugation experiments and in vitroExpand
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The stiffness of dsRNA: hydrodynamic studies on fluorescence-labelled RNA segments of bovine rotavirus.
The sedimentation coefficients of dsRNA segments of bovine rotavirus were determined in the analytical ultracentrifuge. The eleven segments were separated by preparative gel electrophoresis, andExpand
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Biophysical characterization of rotavirus particles containing rearranged genomes.
Human rotaviruses containing rearranged genomes were found to package up to 1,800 additional base pairs in virus particles. The viruses compared were indistinguishable in respect of their particleExpand
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A fluorescence detection system for the analytical ultracentrifuge and its application to proteins, nucleic acids, and viruses
A fluorescence detection system was developed for the analytical ultracentrifuge Spinco model E. Fluorescence is excited by a laser beam which is focussed into the cell and illuminates an area with aExpand
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