Walter R. Witkowski

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The benefits of applying optimization to computational models are well known, but their range of widespread application to date has been limited. This work attempts to extend the disciplinary areas to which optimization algorithms may be readily applied through the development and application of advanced optimization strategies capable of handling the(More)
A method is presented for computing the field of local characteristic feature size (LCFS) from a discretization of the boundary of a one-, two-or three-dimensional geometric domain. The LCFS and its gradients are defined so as to be useful in automatic generation of meshes. The method first involves discretizing the boundary of the geometric domain with(More)
A novel method is presented for automatically generating quadrilateral meshes on arbitrary two-dimensional domains. Global minimization of a potential function governs mesh formation and characteristics. Comprised of several terms, the potential function distributes the elements throughout the domain and aligns the edges of the elements to form valid(More)
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