Walter Prager

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OBJECTIVES Current literature describes improved clinical outcomes and a minor rate of pseudoarthrosis following operatively treated clavicular fractures. We investigated the feasibility of using a standard 3.5 mm AO locking compression plate (LCP) of adequate length for the stabilisation of mid-shaft fractures of the clavicle. METHODS The length and(More)
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the role of the Schellong test (ST) in forms of orthostatic dysregulation in comparison with the tilt-table test (TT). METHODS: 67 young males (mean age, 22 ± 4 years) from the military service, representing two different cohorts, were examined by ST and TT, which served as gold standard. 32 of the 67 subjects were asymptomatic while(More)
The Homogeneous Multiprocessor (HM) has a linear-array topology, with interprocessor communications achieved by the sharing of memory between nearest neighbours, by adjacent-processor signalling, and through a high-speed network (the H-Network). The operating system nucleus (the HM-Nucleus) for the HM contains a communications subsystem that provides(More)
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