Walter Potter

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The first year of computer science instruction typically consists of a two-course sequence in which students are taught (1) programming in some high level language and (2) an introduction to algorithms and data structures. Our first two courses introduce in addition (3) methods for deriving algorithms and verifying their correctness. These methods provide a(More)
APPROACH by RAMYAA (Under the Direction of Ronald W. McClendon) ABSTRACT Air temperatures below freezing can damage plants. Irrigation is the most widely practiced frost protection measure. However, growers need information about when to start irrigating, as the process has to be commenced prior to the temperature dropping below freezing. The goal of this(More)
Owens: The first course in Computer Science has been beset by several diverse approaches in the past few years. This panel proposal suggests that a reasonable way to discuss these different models is to have a representative from each of several positions describe the first course at his/her school and then speculate on where the students will be at the end(More)
A model was constructed to predict the amount of solar radiation that will make contact with the surface of the earth in a given location an hour into the future. This project was supported by the Southern Company to determine at what specific times during a given day of the year solar panels could be relied upon to produce energy in sufficient quantities.(More)
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