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Small-angle neutron scattering has been used to study structural features of lamellar bilayer membranes of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) and DMPC mixed with various amount of cholesterol. The studies were recorded at a fixed hydration level of 17% 2H2O, i.e. just below saturation. Bragg reflections gives information on the ripple structure and on(More)
Adaptive shaping of the phase and amplitude of femtosecond laser pulses has been developed into an efficient tool for the directed manipulation of interference phenomena, thus providing coherent control over various quantum-mechanical systems. Temporal resolution in the femtosecond or even attosecond range has been demonstrated, but spatial resolution is(More)
The most general investigation and exploitation of light-induced processes require simultaneous control over spatial and temporal properties of the electromagnetic field on a femtosecond time and nanometer length scale. Based on the combination of polarization pulse shaping and time-resolved two-photon photoemission electron microscopy, we demonstrate such(More)
We propose and analyze a scheme for ultrafast spectroscopy with nanometer spatial and femtosecond temporal resolution. The interaction of polarization-shaped laser pulses with a nanostructure allows us to control the spatial and temporal evolution of the optical near field. Employing a learning algorithm, the field is tailored such that pump and probe(More)
Multiphoton photoelectron spectroscopy reveals the multiple excitation of the surface plasmon in silver nanoparticles on graphite. Resonant excitation of the surface plasmon with 400 nm femtosecond radiation allows one to distinguish between photoemission from the nanoparticles and the substrate. Two different previously unobserved decay channels of the(More)
We introduce a spectroscopic method that determines nonlinear quantum mechanical response functions beyond the optical diffraction limit and allows direct imaging of nanoscale coherence. In established coherent two-dimensional (2D) spectroscopy, four-wave-mixing responses are measured using three ingoing waves and one outgoing wave; thus, the method is(More)
The JAK2V617F mutation is an essential oncogenic event in Philadelphia negative chronic myeloproliferative disorders (Ph-cMPD). It is still unclear how a unique tyrosine kinase mutation can give rise to the broad clinical and morphologic spectrum of Ph-cMPD. One possible explanation could be differences in the JAK2V617F gene dosage, or different maturation(More)
We present general analytic solutions for optical coherent control of electromagnetic energy propagation in plasmonic nanostructures. Propagating modes are excited with tightly focused ultrashort laser pulses that are shaped in amplitude, phase, and polarization (ellipticity and orientation angle). We decouple the interplay between two main mechanisms which(More)