Walter Peters

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The etiology of capsular contracture is unclear and probably multifactorial. This review covers the literature on several proposed contracture factors, including filler material, implant placement, surface texture, and bacterial infection. The pilot study's goal was to test the feasibility of a data collection form, which could be used in a scaled-up study(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past decade, high dose chemotherapy with autologous bone marrow (HDC-ABMT) support has been used increasingly in the treatment of patients with breast cancer. In evaluating the results of HDC-ABMT in patients with breast cancer, an assessment of quality of life can add to the traditional endpoints (toxicity, and disease-free and overall(More)
Eighteen severely and profoundly retarded adolescents were treated in a research and demonstration project within a state institution by behavior modification methods for 30 months. Most showed traits of autism, phobias and persistant vulnerability. Restraints had acquired stimulus control. Programming, an aversive event, evoked SIB as avoidance reaction.(More)
Late unilateral breast enlargement after the insertion of silicone gel breast implants is a very rare phenomenon. The present study reports five women who presented with this finding over the past 20 years. Three of these patients presented with late unilateral hematomas, which developed nine, 12 and 14 years, respectively, after initial breast(More)
Fewer surgical procedures have a history as fascinating and as terrifying as breast augmentation. Initial efforts at augmentation involved injection of substances such as paraffin or oil into the breast tissue, or the implantation of substances including ivory or glass balls, or rubber. More recent efforts have included the injection of liquid silicone or(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in plasma lipid and lipoprotein distributions that occur after menopause increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women, especially in those who are overweight. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a nine-month weight reduction program on plasma lipids, dietary intake and abdominal fat obesity. (More)
BACKGROUND Late hematoma after breast augmentation is a rare phenomenon with unproven etiology. METHODS Five patients presented with a late unilateral hematoma after receiving bilateral, submuscular, smooth, round, silicone gel implants for cosmetic breast augmentation. All patients underwent explantation and capsulectomy. Extensive clinical and(More)
This pilot study's goal was to test the feasibility of a data collection form which will be used in a scale-up study analyzing multiple surgeons' records. The goal of this expanded study will be to develop identifying factors for women who are at greater risk for having ruptured implants and, if necessary, target them for screening, surveillance, or(More)