Walter P Christian

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Performance contracting is an essential component of quality assurance in human service settings. Performance contracting involves developing performance standards for administrative, support service, and direct service personnel; communicating and contracting with personnel to ensure that they agree to comply with the performance standards for their(More)
The development of a 12-step continuum of services for individuals with autism is described. The operation and funding of outreach parent training; homebased early intervention; preschool, vocational, and adult intermediate care; and school consultation programs are outlined. The use and importance of evaluative data on both treatment outcome and staff(More)
This study investigated the influence of a response delay requirement on the discrimination performance of autistic children. In the context of a multiple baseline design with subsequent repeated reversals, two conditions were compared: a no-response-delay condition, where the child was allowed to make the target response immediately after presentation of(More)
The utiltiy of the Adaptive Behavior Scale in the special-education placement of 126 institutionalized mentally retarded children and adolescents was examined. An investigation of relationships among Adaptive Behavior Scale (Part 1) scores, Wide Range Achievement Test scores, and IQ scores revealed a significant relationship between Adaptive Behavior Scale(More)
Record review procedures and contingent performance feedback were used to monitor and improve the record-keeping performance of human service staff in a behavioral residential treatment setting. A multiple baseline design was employed across three groups of B.A.-level human service personnel. The study consisted of five conditions: (1) Baseline 1; (2)(More)
Chronic absenteeism is a problem encountered by many human services organizations. Large-scale intervention projects to reduce staff absences have incorporated applied behavior analysis methods but there are few studies in the extant literature. In the present study, the authors record staff absenteeism at a specialized school for students with(More)