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Meteorological forecasting is an important issue in research. Typically, the forecasting is performed at " global level, " by gathering data in a large geographical region and by studying their evolution, thus foreseeing the meteorological situation in a certain place. In this paper a " local level " approach, based on time series forecasting using Type-2(More)
—This paper presents a reliable ice detection and forecasting system based on a special road weather information system and a data processing algorithm for ice event forecasting. The ice detection system is mainly based on two innovative sensors, developed ad hoc for this particular application; namely an ice sensor for the reliable detection of(More)
The study described in this paper, analyzed the urban and suburban air pollution principal causes and identified the best subset of features (meteorological data and air pollutants concentrations) for each air pollutant in order to predict its medium-term concentration (in particular for the PM 10). An information theoretic approach to feature selection has(More)
In this paper an " intelligent systems " based on neural networks and a statistical non parametric method evaluates the future evolution of meteorological variables and the occurrence of particular phenomena such as rain and road ice. The meteorological variables forecast system is based on a recurrent feed forward multi layer perceptron which make the(More)
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