Walter Liese

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Printed on recycled paper Bamboo's fast growth is one of its many attributes which make it a useful resource for mankind. It is also commonly seen as an indication of a high ability to capture and sequester atmospheric carbon and consequently mitigate climate change, in a similar way that trees do. This report analyses the work carried out to date to(More)
The durability of five bamboo species from various origin against brown-, white- and soft-rot fungi was investigated in Kolle flasks in accordance with the European standards EN 350-1, EN 350-2 and EN 113. Considerable variability exists in the durability of the bamboo species. Guadua angustifolia was rather resistant to Trametes versicolor and(More)
In South Vietnam Bambusa stenostachya, Dendrocalamus asper and Thyrsostachys siamensis are the major commercial species. Their culms are used for housing and for manufacturing of furniture to export. Our previous study resulted that the kiln drying of 1.4 m culm parts of the bamboos can be conducted successfully using proper schedules defining temperature(More)
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